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A reliable quality stove with specialist backup is the foundation to successful wood pellet heating.

There are now a number of pellet stoves on the Australian market and this is likely to increase as the popularity of wood pellet heating grows over the next few years.  We of course believe that our stoves and our company provide an excellent choice but others may well suit your particular needs and so we offer some general guidelines on what to look for to help you make a decision.

Our approach was to offer the best quality yet competitively priced pellet stoves that we could find.

We are proud to announce that as from 2016 we will be importing, distributing and retailing stoves from Palazzetti, an acknowledged  leader of pellet stove manufacture from Italy, the home of pellet stoves.

You can find out more about the Palazzetti company here.

Palazzetti have a large range of stoves to suit a variety of European and other countries.  We have selected five stoves with the latest state of the art features and which we believe are particularly suited to Australian conditions. To find out more about these stoves and to choose between them please go here.