About Palazzetti

Enviroheat Australia is proud to be working with Palazzetti to bring some of the world’s best quality pellet stoves to the Australian market at affordable prices.

Palazzetti is an acknowledged leader in pellet stove manufacture in Italy, the home of pellet stoves.

Palazzetti is a family company spanning three generations situated in Pordenone Italy, near Venice The company was founded in 1954 and was the first to manufacture pellet stoves in Italy in 1994.  They now have extensive production lines capable of producing over 40,000 stoves annually, excellent quality control and a leading research and development team.  Collectively, this means that their stoves are amongst the best featured, reliable and stylistic on the market. 

Palazzetti have won many international awards for their stoves and recently their company was honoured by inclusion into the 100 stories of Italian Excellence, a great acknowledgement of their contribution to Italian manufacture.

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