Andres 1


The Andres is one of the latest additions to the Palazzetti range.  It has been designed for larger homes or even small shops or cafes so that warm air can be distributed not just around the stove itself but also into a number of other rooms in the building.  It does this by the addition of two centrifugal fans (180 m3/h each) that can push hot air through ducts of up to 10 meters into a series of rooms in your house, approximating full house heating..

Normally if you want to provide heat to a number of rooms, you would need to purchase a hydronic pellet stove which heats water which is then circulated into radiators fitted into each room.  But this means considerable plumbing with considerable extra cost.

The Andres provides a much more economical and simple answer to whole house heating.

It also enjoys all of the state of the art features of Palazetti’s premium stoves including capacity for whisper quiet operation, advanced heat exchangers and ease of cleaning, touch controls with sophisticated programming capacity and much more.

For more details on the Andreas go directly to the Pallazetti website.   This features the Allegro which is identical to the Andreas except it does not have the tiled surface cladding of the Andreas.