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EnviroHeat Australia™ Wood Heating Pellets

At the EnviroHeat Australia™ manufacturing plant we can ensure that the moisture content of the feedstock going in  is optimised so we end up with top quality product ready for the perfect burn.

The energy density of the pellets we produce is generally around 4.7-5.2kWhr/kg putting it considerably higher than straight timber and at about a third of petroleum based products. As a result they are easy to transport and store. To learn more about our pellets, head to the blog.

EnviroHeat Australia™ is able to supply it’s top quality wood heating pellets in almost any size and format to suit your requirements.
$8.60 inc GST per 15kg bag (minimum order 30 bags)
To place your Heating Pellet order please use the quote page or email us at info@enviroheat.net.au
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Product Description

It is important to us that this industry contributes to improving the environment by not only reducing use of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas but also by contributing to improve the local environment and ecosystems. To this end we have conducted a full “Life Cycle Assessment” to ensure through the use of our pellets you’ll actually remove carbon from the atmosphere. We also pledge to only use ethical sourced feedstock.

$8.60 inc GST per 15kg bag (minimum order 30 bags)

Request a quote now or contact us for your local retailer if you can’t manage a 30 bag delivery.

Note: These Heating pellets are not suitable for BBQ’s and smoked/ slow cook foods as they may contain traces that while harmless if burnt in a pellet heater may cause health issues if used directly to cook food.