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The Ines, crafted and built by Palazzetti, combines the best of Italian design with state of the art technology to provide a stove of timeless beauty. 

Palazzetti have long been acclaimed for the quality, style and functionality of their wood pellet stoves.  In designing and building the Ines, they wanted a stove that would not just excel in providing heating comfort, but would gracefully blend and enhance modern and artistic home decors.  It has become a popular upper range stove in Europe:  If you too want a quality stove of timeless elegance, the Ines may be just the one for you.


What is so special about the Ines?

Simply everything.  It combines the very latest Palazzetti technological advances with truly Italian inspired style to make it one of Palazzetti’s premium products.

Its beauty is in its clean, tall elliptical lines and an eye catching glass finish.  As an item of furniture, it draws the eye; as a functioning stove with flickering flame, it captivates.  It is more than just a stove; it is a work of art that brings pleasure both through its looks and its comfort.

The Ines incorporates technological advances developed by Palazzetti over two decades to culminate in what can be considered as a 4th generation wood pellet stove.  As well as the advanced operating features found on many Palazzetti stoves, the Ines is built with hermetic seals and a newly designed heat exchanger which means that combustion air can be drawn exclusively from outdoors and heating efficiency can reach 95%, about as high as that technically possible.  With an extensive heating range from 2.24-9.0 kw/hr the Ines is suited to both small and medium to large homes.  Adding to these features is whisper quiet settings, a double glazed door with air-wash system, magnofix firebox, and the ability to control the stove remotely with your mobile phone.


Collectively, these features make the Ines a premium level wood pellet stove.  We can fully recommend the Ines to the discerning buyer wanting to invest in a quality stylish stove to suit modern and artistic decors.

For more information on the Ines go directly to the Palazzetti website

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