Enviro Pellets


EnviroHeat Australia is proud to be West Australian owned and supply West Australian made wood pellets.

Not only are our pellets made locally but we ensure that the high quality materials used to make them are sourced only from sustainable and local resources.

Support local business, support local jobs and support sustainable products with EnviroHeat Australia!


Our pledge to you is quality, value, reliability in supply and high environmental standards. We have been manufacturing wood pellets since the start of 2013 and after extensive testing and development we have settled on two lines of pellets “Standard” and “Premium” supplied in convenient 15kg bags. All our pellets are made from an optimised blend of pine and jarrah to get the best result in the widest range of wood pellet heaters.

“Standard”  $8.60/15kg bag (inc GST)

Standard is a good quality pellet providing the best value for money.

“Premium” $10.30/15kg bag (inc GST) CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Premium has a very similar energy density but burns with lower ash and clinka build up. If you want to be able to run your heater all day without cleaning out the burn pot then this is the pellet for you.

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Minimum Order:

  •  30 x 15kg bags

Discount for EnviroHeat Australia heater customers:

  •  10% off pellets

Bulk orders:

  • Please contact us for pricing for orders of more than 3tonne or 198bags.
  • A standard 1 tonne order is 66 x 15kg bags on one standard pallet.
  • We also supply in large bulk bags of 500kg and 1000kg which can be a very cost effective solution if you have the facilities to manage it.

Standard Delivery:

  • $33 within 30km radius of Midland Central and $1/km over an above this.
  • You will either need to be onsite to take delivery of provide very clear instruction on where to leave the delivery (make sure it’s out of the rain).
  • A stack of 30 bags will be about 1.2m x 1.2m and stand around 1m tall so make sure you have space ready!
  • We aim to deliver most Tuesday’s and need to get orders confirmed the Thursday before.
  • In peak season we sometimes won’t be able to arrange delivery for up to two weeks after order confirmation so please be patient or get your order in early!
  • Our drivers do their best to arrive on the day and time arranged but there are often extenuating circumstances so we can’t guarantee exact times. Again please be patient with us!
  • We can arrange pick up from our factory one hour from Perth if you wish to avoid the $33 delivery fee. We generally aim to allow pick ups every second Saturday morning but please contact us well in advance to arrange.


  • If you are outside of the Perth Metro area we can sometimes arrange delivery ourselves but advise you to find a local freight company that delivers to your local town. We can then deliver to their depot in Perth with only the $33 fee included.

Retail outlets:

If you are only looking for a small quantity of bags or you want to test the pellets in your heater prior to placing an order here is a list of great retailers you can find our pellets at with a RRP of $11/15kg bag inc gst

Definitely call ahead to ensure they have product instock especially in the winter months!


  • If you have a genuine problem with our pellets we are always happy to provide a refund for any product you return to us in good condition.
  • We don’t take returns if you just feel they are not performing in your heater as you expected. We have tested our pellets and know they work in any heater that is operating correctly with the correct parameters for a standard pellet. We encourage you to test a few bags from our retail outlets if prior to buying bulk if you have any concerns with performance.