Enviro Pellets


EnviroHeat Australia™ are a West Australian owned, West Australian made, wood pellet manufacturer who source materials from local (definitely not imported) products.

The global wood pellet industry has grown exponentially with, as expected, Sweden and Italy in the lead. In recent years Australia has started to see the light and we are happy to be a part of a fast moving market which we believe will have a long term and sustainable part to play in our future energy mix.

Good quality wood pellets are made from clean, dry sawdust without the use of binding additives.  Our pledge to you is to supply top quality pellets using only ethically sourced biomass. As a guarantee we have built our own factory to ensure:

  • Quality
  • Reliability in supply
  • High environmental standards
  • And to show you that we are committed for the long haul!

We supply our top quality wood pellets in 15kg bags at $8.60/bag including GST. Our minimum order is 30 bags so if you only want a couple please contact us to find out where your nearest retailer is.

We also supply bulk pellets in much larger bags so please ask us for a quote and I am sure we can help.