Home Heating for the Environmentally Conscious


Have you been searching for sustainable home heating solutions for your environmentally conscious household? What is the best heating solution for your home, in your area without the nasty greenhouse gas emissions? Read on…

Your average bar or column heater and reverse cycle heater use electricity like its free, your gas heater emits high levels of greenhouse gases and your toasty warm wood fireplace contributes to harmful smoke emissions. Lets take a closer look at the wood-burning variety for a second. Wood-burning stoves are a popular form of home heating in Australia, particularly in areas with cooler climates. Despite the overall decline of wood usage over the past 12 years, there are still enough households using it as a heating source to contribute to an $8 billion health problem in NSW alone. Not only does woodsmoke effect human health, but biodiversity where dead wood is collected can also be impacted. Flora and fauna habitat is changed through removal of wood, carbon from rotting wood is no longer available for the soil and there is a negative impact on regeneration and revegetation.

Current Australian wood heaters are not designed to burn softwood (usually pine or cedar), have high levels of emissions and there are currently few alternatives to the use of dead native trees for firewood.

Enter the Pellet Heater. Long used by our European and American cousins, these heaters use a special wooden pellet made from waste product from sawmills and plantation thinnings. Swapping out your regular wood-burning heater to a pellet heater can:

  • reduce the reliance on unsustainable firewood collection
  • have direct positive impact on biodiversity in the region
  • lower emission levels
  • reduce the health impacts of wood stoves

Yes perhaps slightly more expensive than installing your average reverse cycle but in well insulated homes they will compete well as far as thermal comfort and running cost go. Pellets heaters are a fantastic sustainable home heating solution to keep you toasty warm through the cooler winter months, and with EnviroHeat Australia providing locally produced pellets made from local waste, you’ll keep a clear emission-free conscience.

Source: Wood Pellet Stoves for Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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