We at Enviroheat Australia EHA are passionate about the benefits of wood pellet heating and we are committed to promoting the industry in Australia.  Overseas, wood pellet heating has rapidly grown in popularity, there are around 2,000,000 pellet stoves in Italy alone! 

In Australia growth of wood pellet heating has been slower:  its benefits have received less publicity and it has proved difficult to source high quality stoves at reasonable prices and at the same time assure reliable supplies of quality pellets and provide the information, expertise and maintenance that these excellent but sophisticated stoves deserve.

At EHA we decided to bring together these three crucial elements under the one company:  quality stoves, quality pellets from our own plant and first rate service.  In this way we want to assure our customers that any stove purchased from us will provide many years of a pleasant and reliable heating experience.

Please feel free to browse this website to learn more about us and our stoves, pellets and service,  and more about wood pellet heating, how it works and how it can benefit your family, neighbourhood and planet.