9 benefits of heating with wood pellet heaters

EHA Heaters

Starting to feel the cool creep in? Winter is on its way and what better time to install your new pellet heater. But why purchase a pellet heater and not a gas one? Why not just still to your reverse cycle air conditioner? Here are 9 main benefits of heating your home this winter with a wood pellet heater.

  1. Pellet heaters are an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel gas or electricity
  2. Our Italian made pellet heaters are one of the most efficient heaters on the market: up to 93% efficiency in terms of heat energy entering the room. Why exact does this mean? Find out more on efficiency here.
  3. Pellets can provide a use for wood by-products – such as sawdust – that would otherwise have no market value and be sent to landfill
  4. Pellet heaters automatically control the pellets and oxygen feed to keep the heater burning at the optimum efficiency
  5. The pellets themselves are very high in energy density, have low moisture (less than 10%) and are sap free. No chemicals or glues are used in the manufacturing process. The only thing that goes into your pellets is wood.
  6. Furthermore they have efficient heat exchangers that ensure that almost all of the heat generated in the burning process ends up in your room rather than outside
  7. The other big benefit is that you can turn it on and off as you need it, keeping the room at the right temperature rather than guessing as with an open fire. Not only is the heater more efficient, but the way you will use it will be more efficient meaning you’ll use less fuel, ultimately saving your money.
  8. Pellets can provide an economic and social boost for rural and regional communities by using local content, creating local employment and encouraging new and innovative farming techniques.
  9. Because pellets have consistent quality and size they are easy to transport, store and handle.

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