How to use ashes from a wood pellet heater

You’ve purchased your pellet heater and your pellets, you’re toasty warm. But it’s time to clean the unit. What do you do with the ash? We’ll show you how to use ashes from a wood pellet heater.

To begin with, the ash your pellet heater will produce is low and significantly less than wood burners. The¬†ash you will collect is alkaline and¬†contains liming agents, along with calcium, magnesium and potassium so when adding to soil it’s handy to know what the pH level is to begin with. pH testing kits are cheap, easy to use and available from your local gardening shop.

pH_what is it

1. Soil additive


Ash is super handy to add to soils that are acidic. Once tested, add around 1kg of cold ash (or one shovel full) per 1m square. Flowering plants love the stuff! Adding ash to limestone or alkaline soils, particularly in Perth and Adelaide, is not recommended.

2. Composting

composting wood ash

Ash must be added to your compost in moderation. A little bit of everything is a good rule for your compost bin. Make sure you layer it with other ingredients to produce a rich, healthy compost for your garden and turn often.

3. Pest repellant

Sprinkle around the base of plants to deter slugs and snails. Be mindful of the amount you use and what plants you use it on.

Using Wood Ash in the Garden
Burkes Backyard: Wood Ash in the Garden

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