Why you should choose a Palazzetti pellet heater


Palazzetti is one of the largest pellet heater manufacturers in Europe with a production capability of 40,000 heaters per year. While we have chosen a selection of their heaters that we feel best suit Australian conditions, their European range spans numerous different heaters, pellet boilers (central heating systems) and even pellet-fired cooking/heating ovens, essentially a range that spans the heating requirements of a house in a mild climate all the way to the requirements of a house in the coldest of northern European winters (pellet heaters and boilers are very popular in Sweden!). Palazzetti also have a long history in heater manufacting and were one of the first European manufacturers of pellet heaters, beginning production in 1994, and have steadily refined and improved their products since then.

Palazzetti factory

As a European manufacturer operating at the premium end of the market, Palazzetti heaters have a build quality and range of features that will ensure the heaters provide 15+ years of quality service in the home. The efficiency of and low emissions from their heaters are class leading, and the quality of their design is equal to other premium Italian manufacturers. In addition, the quality of their internal components matches their external build quality. An example of this is shown in the picture below which places the smoke extraction fan of one of our Palazzetti heaters next to one from a similar size heater from another manufacturer.

Palazzetti vs competitor fan

Further to their build quality and the quality of their internal components, the Palazzetti heaters have four features we felt made them excellent products for the Australian market:

  1. Firstly, they have an innovative heat exchanger that allows the stove to operate near-silently, allows the fan to be turned off entirely if required and is very easy to clean.[1]
  2. Secondly, they feed the pellets into the burn pot using a unique “star pellet chamber” which is less audible than a traditional augur mechanism and which feeds pellets at a more consistent rate resulting in a more efficient heater.
  3. Thirdly, Palazzetti were one of the first to develop a capacitive touch screen interface with a clear, easy to use menu system.
  4. Finally, the heaters come with a full two year warranty that covers the entire heater which compares favourably to many wood-burning and gas fires which promote long warranties on the firebox (the basic metal container in which the fire burns that, except in the most unusual of circumstances, should not ever be subject to a warranty claim) but typically offer one year or shorter warranties on other components (glass, fans, ignition systems, handles, bases, flues, baffles, firebricks, outside skin etc).

Overall, Palazzetti is a manufacturer that offers experience, scale, innovative technology and high-quality products and we believe their heaters will perform brilliantly in Australian houses.



[1] Almost all pellet heaters have a heat exchanger. The Palazzetti design sends hot air from the burn chamber through sealed tubes around which cold air from the room passes. This heats the cold air that is then circulated into the room. The Palazzetti design ensures any soot stays in the sealed tubes that are then very easy to clean with a specially provided brush. Furthermore, the design of the tubes means the air passes around them quietly and means that natural convection (that is, no fan assistance) is sufficient except for the highest two heat settings. In contrast, most gas fires and all reverse-cycle systems require fan assistance at all heating levels.

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