Mother Nature Day “The Vision”

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Mother Nature Day 2016 “The Vision”

Well there’s a massive one and some medium ones and some smaller ones

Create a sustainable farm model

So this is the big one! What should this land look like if we are going to continue to need food, energy, building products and somehow do it in harmony with the planet and local ecosystems?

We are looking at the moment to get the 160 acres we have to something like a third re-vegetation (as close to natural as we can), a third plantation timber (for timber and biomass) and a third left as farming land. The reason I say “at the moment” is because there is really no science behind this concept just something that seems to feel about right at the moment. I think there is several PHD’s in this one and some extreme opinions pushing it one way or the other. It also would be heavily influenced by a huge number of variables including location (proximity to demands for produce), rainfall, soil type, sensitivity of local ecosystems and some serious crystal balling to guess what the worlds population is going to be needing in 10, 20, 50 and 100plus years.

We’d love to hear your opinions and may even have a bit of a session during the night of “Mother Nature Day” so see if we can progress the concept.

Also if you have a look at this years tree planting map you’ll get a feel for what the farm currently looks like.


Work towards seeing the Avon river run fresh water again

Not sure if this is a medium one but looks medium up against the one above! It wasn’t that long ago that kids used to catch cobbler in “Cobbler Pool” about 30km from here near Toodyay. Now due to local clearing and silting that pool dries up pretty much straight after winter. Furthermore the salt and nutrient run off that comes from the catchment area (including us) is so high that no self respecting fish could possibly handle it anyway. The Avon then runs into the Swan and is heavily responsible for the crappy water quality we now have in our lovely home city.

There are a few good case studies, including one from our very own south west, where people have managed to sort out salt and nutrient issues and bring a river back to life. We are at the top of our catchment so really it’s up to us to make the first move and hopefully get it flowing.


Clean up all of our salt and get some great biodiversity going

Well this is definitely a vision that well within our reach and we are already making some great in roads.


Get more people out into nature and sharing the joys of planting trees (and a good excuse for a party at the farm)

You might argue that this is the greatest vision of the lot. “Nature Deficit Disorder” is probably one of biggest concerns of all when it comes to getting on with sorting out our environment. If you grow up surrounding by concrete it’s pretty hard to expect to develop a love for nature and the natural environment that we ultimately depend on. And if we aren’t loving it then again it’s pretty hard to expect us to take steps to protect it.

Actually regardless of all that getting your hands dirty and watching trees grow is one of life’s fundamental pleasures that everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy.

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