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At Enviroheat Australia (EHA) we have a dream that an organisation can achieve environmental, social and economic success. Making wood pellets looks to have all three of these goals ticked so it was an obvious choice for us. The industry in Australia is only just kicking off but if it follows the growth pattern seen in other parts of the world it’s got a bright future. We hope to grow with it and create a long lasting sustainable model that will assist moving the planet in a positive direction.


We sell Wood Pellet Heaters directly to the public and manufacture our pellets at our family farm. EnviroHeat Australia (EHA) is a family owned company located in Perth, Western Australia. We are passionate about promoting wood pellets as a renewable, economical and comfortable source of heating and energy in Australia.

Our company is committed to supporting the industry for the long term and as a result have gone with a “fully vertically integrated” model. To ensure that your experience with wood pellets is a happy one we have committed our company to cover everything from sourcing of sustainable biomass feedstock, pellet production, delivery, retail of pellet heaters, installation and all the way through to servicing. This way we can ensure you get the best experience from start to finish.


Alex Bruce – Production Director
Alex has been involved in the renewable energy sector for more than eight years and loves getting a new technology or concept off the ground. Alex combines his passion for engineering and renewable energy with a strong connection to the land and environment. Growing up planting trees on his parents farm Alex always wanted to see if it was possible to make it not only environmentally sound but economically rewarding. EnviroHeat Australia will make this possible and ultimately provide part of a “sustainable” agricultural model for the future.



Neville Bruce – Director (Operations)
Neville’s passion is education and research especially when it comes to humans and world futures. Although an active and well-regarded academic, he has always been a hands on guy using his good head for numbers in practical applications.  From starting out life as a vet, building houses and working on farms, he knows how to work a microscope and a tractor with equal finesse. Nev likes to lead by example and EnviroHeat Australia will provide a good educational tool as people see that we can have an environmentally, economically and socially beneficial business model.


Margaret Bruce – Director (Research)
Margaret has been involved in the concept of a “Clean Planet” and sustainable living for many years, influenced by her own family upbringing. Nothing was ever wasted and her Dad washed the dishes with the minimum of water and a bar of soap! Her philosophy is that we should live simply so that others may “simply live”. The idea may be “simple” but they are backed up by her detailed professional researching on science and scholarly based articles and reports.


Chi Field copy

Chiara Pacifici – Director (Sales and Marketing)
Chiara is a passionate advocate of continuous improvement and loves to find ways to do things better. Chiara has worked in sales for a number of different businesses in Australia and thrives on helping people and organisations transition towards a more sustainable future. She believes that the biomass industry is a growth industry in Australia with significant benefits for environment and society. Chiara has helped move the EnviroHeat Australia concept from an idea on a farm to something accessible for the wider community.