6 things to know about pellets

Wood Pellets Ex

1) Pellets are made from waste wood
Biomass wood pellets are made from recycled sawdust waste otherwise destined for landfill. No trees are cut down specifically to make pellets. Using pellets as fuel is a way to divert millions of tons of waste from landfills and turn it into energy.

2) Pellet heaters are environmentally friendly
Pellet fires have the lowest emission rate of any wood burner available in Australasia. In fact, they are virtually smokeless.

3) Pellets contain ONLY wood
Lignin occurring naturally in the sawdust holds the wood pellets together, they contain no additives or glues, no harmful chemicals, just natural wood.

4) Pellets are versatile
Because they have a low moisture and ash content, pellets burn very efficiently to produce heat and electricity. As a result, pellets are generally used in direct burning devices such as domestic wood heaters and commercial furnaces and boilers. Pellets are mainly used for residential heating, although there are an increasing number of commercial scale users – such as hospitals, swimming pools, retirement homes etc – using pellets to generate electricity. Pellets are also increasingly being used in large-scale coal power plants to help produce electricity in a more environmentally-friendly manner. They can also be used for pet litter, pet bedding and cooking.

5) Pellets are easy to transport, store and handle
Our EnviroHeat Australia pellets are convenient, clean and easy to store. Pellets come in 15kg bags or 150kg bins. Pellet heaters are easy to clean and refill! No more lugging wood to and from your wood pile.

6) Pellets are energy efficient
The burning process is highly combustible and produces little residue. With an energy efficiency above 80%, pellet fires are up to 50% more efficient than slow combustion heaters and 350% more efficient than open fires. Heat output can be effectively controlled between 30% and 100% without compromising efficiency or smoke emission.

EcoChoice Fires – www.ecochoicefires.com.au
Clean Energy Council – www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au

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